Sans Soleil

by Saturno Devorando

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released April 13, 2013

Fiamma Aleotti: vocals and words
Ronald F. Bustamante Medina: laptop, guitar.

Recorded and mixed by Ronald F. Bustamante Medina

Artwork by Suzi Love ( and Pablo Murillo (




Saturno Devorando Costa Rica

Saturno Devorando es un duo electrónico experimental que incorpora elementos de trip-hop, shoegaze y noise. Lo componen Ronald Bustamante Medina (laptop y guitarra eléctrica) y Fiamma Aleotti (letras y voz).

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Track Name: Times aren't Changing
Las conexiones
siguen ahí.
No se borran
por dejar de hablar
o verse lo menos posible.
Solo porque
en realidad
todo funciona.

Es en teoría que las cosas
se rompen,
las dudas surgen,
habría que ahogarlas
como mosquitos.

You are the same person
you always were
you just didn't know it.

Turns out
the train goes in circles
and time passes
but nothing changes,

and you keep biting your tail,
you keep growing older
and getting younger.

Mother is now your daughter
and father needs protection
just like you.

Times aren't changing
and neither are you.
Track Name: White Water
A river
of white water
like milk
slithering down the sewer.

I drink it
like a thirsty cat
filling myself
with white paint,
intoxicating myself,
my lips,
painted white.

Like silence.
Track Name: Love was Lost
Love was lost.
we’ll find it 
in the sky
next time

when we 
in the middle. 
Track Name: Human Feeling
with the knife in her hand
wet and sticky from all the blood
she walked away
not even looking back
between her fingers
she held his heart
still warm and trembling

"you took mine
now it's my turn"
she said
facing the exit door.
and left.
her shoe soles left a trail
like the snails
that slide slowly
with no rush

guilt is only
a human feeling.


I am my mother
and my father
I am all my friends
I am my enemies
I am the bank,
the police
and the president.
I am my school
my job
the places I go
I am the things
I like
I do not own
any thing
I'm all I've got.
Track Name: Rien n'est réel
I’m the only one.
Mais le bruit de mes larmes ressemble plus
à un chien gémissant,
ou à une petite fille en tragédie,
qu'au calme et au contrôle
de cette personne
que vous avez vu.

I’m the only one
Rien de tout cela n’est réel.
Ni les yeux.
Ni les lèvres.
Ni la peau.